BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.

Welcome to the playground.

The BYBORRE studio is committed to true textile innovation and rethinking all stages of the garment-creation process, from design to manufacturing. The BYBORRE label, BYBORRE’s in-house brand, is the perfect means for showcasing the studio’s advances. It is, in a way, the first client of the BYBORRE textile studio. It is an essential aspect of the broader BYBORRE project – in other words, it’s part of something bigger.

Signature to BYBORRE are the innovative hand-rendered techniques that, through direct interaction with their circular knitting machines, give the studio full creative freedom to play with patterns, colors and textures within their fabrics. Designing from the yarn up allows BYBORRE to discover new possibilities both within their own collections and for leading brands.

The BYBORRE label is the final step in proving the potential for uniting the manufacturing process under one roof to prevent waste and promote responsible design. The label serves as a forecast for the wider industry – a means of highlighting what could and should be possible with BYBORRE textiles. It provides suggestions for ideas, shapes, products and finishes to come. It is a playground for refining the BYBORRE ideology – a hub of imagination where all textiles are building blocks and research and development can be pushed to the final point.

BYBORRE stands for a commitment to responsible design and improving global processes. For years, many of BYBORRE’s innovative textiles have found their way into the studios and ateliers of a dynamic range of clients; from high fashion houses to some of the world’s biggest sportswear leaders. This collaborative, open source approach has defined the BYBORRE story.

With this in mind, BYBORRE are opening up the TDK, allowing others to create their own textiles using the studio’s signature techniques. The team are calling it BYBORRE INSIDE – look out for the label inside garments from various brands worldwide.