Let us just begin at the beginning. What are clothes for? They’re to dress up and feel different. To get out and be protected. To move around and feel free. But there you are, trying to squeeze the mightiest truths into tactile layers of appearance. That is when you are not really communicating much at all. Forget these clothes. First understand what textiles really mean to you.

We are BYBORRE. A group of people with the wild intention to design dialogues between people and what they wear. We source from the worlds of textile and technology to craft designs in pixels, tweak patterns by hand and materialise textiles through machines.

BYBORRE is for the body that never lies. The body that speaks without words. The body that’s tuned into the future. BYBORRE brings pieces that help move your body, not constrain it. Tune into local climates, not catwalk seasons. Show you, not the brand. Fit your mood, not the clock. Sharpen your senses, not overload them. Rely on function, not size. Pair with the future, not get stuck in the past. Pieces designed to last, not to consume.


Don’t get us wrong. A t-shirt is just a t-shirt. We know, you know. But that t-shirt is also the conclusion of years of pushing materials, hand-pixeling patterns and programming knitting machines. That t-shirt is the beginning of a new generation of textiles with embedded technology. A generation of wearables that sync with what goes on inside and outside of your body. Now, known as clothes. Then, known as communication.

Welcome BYBORRE.

Byborre Journal