Meet our fabrics

From the start we’ve been in constant dialogue with the yarns and knitting machines to find the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and technology. We have grown an intimate relationship with circular knitting machines, resulting in our signature 3D fabric, many innovative journeys, specific programming and unique textile specifications. We make textiles and fabric like no one else does.

We are continuously innovating on all aspects of our textiles and fabrics, from the yarn to the machines, from pixel to needle. The start of something begins at this never ending research and development.

3d Patterns  

By continuously playing and pushing our programs by stitch and yarn use, we extend the power of our knitting machines. It’s enabling us to create a third dimension.

Unique illustrations

We have a unique control of our process, influencing every pixel to needle. Therefor we can create unique patterns and illustrations on every inch of our fabrics, whereby not a single piece of the fabric may be the same.


Since we control every pixel and every needle, playing with many different color ranges, allow us to push aestethics with color mixes, gradients and patterns.


We develop from the yarn, starting from the source and taking all objectives of the final product into account. Using different types of yarns with unique specifications (e.g; anti-bacteria, bio-cottons, recycled, heat reactive, reflective yarns etc), broadens our scope for the perfect end result.


We can play with filling on pixel level, together with yarn selection allowing us to develop textiles for underwear, outerwear up to interior. From thick to thin, from subtle to super strong, without losing that balance between aestethics and functionality.


Once you feel our fabric, you understand. Not only do we stand for high quality and a perfect balance of aestethics and functionality, also our fabrics belong to the wearer since it will adjust alongside with him/her by using it. Tactility in optima forma.


Together with close partners we experiment with the right finishings for our fabrics and textiles.

Material blend

Our fabrics and textiles go hand-in-hand with other materials, like wovens, membranes and other, creating mind-blowing material blends


Pushing boundaries is what we do every day. Think about embedding conductive yarns in the knitting process

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